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Requires Mac OS 10.6 or later. This unit converter will converter from inches, centimeters and points. I have found that most unit converters don't include points which I thought would be useful in graphic design, illustration and prepress work. I kept it simple and have purposely left out miles, yards, kilometers and other units that normally aren't used in graphic design. Also there are 72 postscript points in an inch which is the same as pixels so you can use this to convert to and from pixels.  This application will always remain in front of all other windows which keeps it from getting lost when you have a lot of windows and palettes open.

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* While I haven't included millimeters it is simple enough to do this in your head. To convert from mm to cm move the decimal one place to the left. (10mm = 1.0cm), and vice versa for converting cm to mm.